1. Solum

  2. Butterfly Knife
    Charmaine Lee and Zach Rowden

  3. First Snow
    Max Hamel

  4. Weird Undying Annihilation

  5. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
    Jacob Wick/claire rousay

  6. Extremities
    Jessica Ackerley/Patrick Shiroishi

  7. Lisbon Solo
    Fred Lonberg-Holm

  8. Success
    Steve Baczkowski/Bill Nace

  9. Grind Halts
    Lisa Cay Miller/Vicky Mettler/Raphaël Foisy-Couture

  10. Studio Album
    Ilia Belorukov/Jason Kahn

  11. Minouragatake
    Takuji Naka/Tim Olive

  12. In Low Light (Music for the Winter Solstice)
    Mike Weis

  13. Evaporation
    Ryoko Akama/Anne-F Jacques

  14. Pinkie No
    Ben Bennett/Zoots Houston/Fred Lonberg-Holm

  15. Breath Fractals
    Xuan Ye/Chik White

  16. Scrine (1988)
    Hands To

  17. Four Realizations for Solo Percussion
    John Cage & Matt Hannafin

  18. Rundle
    Sarah Hennies & Greg Stuart

  19. Speckled Stones and Dissonant Green Dots
    Okkyung Lee

  20. Salamander
    Nick Hoffman

  21. Raft Recordings from Economy
    Chik White

  22. aussen raum
    Stefan Thut & Seth Cooke

  23. Exaptations
    Nick Storring

  24. Excruciating Circumstances in the Kingdom of Ends
    Chris Strickland

  25. Kobe
    Jason Kahn & Tim Olive

  26. In The Neck Of Time
    Chris Strickland

  27. The Sodden Floor
    Loren Chasse

  28. Space Collective 2 Live
    Rafael Toral

  29. immobilité
    Ryoko Akama & Bruno Duplant

  30. Fukuoka / Osaka
    Jason Kahn & Tim Olive

  31. Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut

  32. I hope you like the universe
    Joda Clément

  33. Excess of Vision: Unreleased Recordings, 2005-2014

  34. Birds And Water, 4
    Ben Owen

  35. Jaw Works & Behind a Dead Tree on the Shore
    Chik White

  36. Primary / Unit 11
    Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers

  37. Radio: Vol. 2
    Ryan Jewell

  38. Fissures / κλίση
    Black William / Litüus

  39. wound of this deep blue.
    Seth Cluett

  40. Canyon Lip
    Talk West

  41. Pied

  42. so it's inverted, occupying the same position as always
    Anne Guthrie

  43. Waterwheel • Windmill
    Windmill • Waterwheel

  44. Generations Lost

  45. Epitaph
    Tiny Music

  46. Birds And Water, 1
    Ben Owen

  47. Echolocation #5
    Nathan McLaughlin

  48. The Tea Merchant And His Atmospheres
    Evan Lindorff-Ellery

  49. Random Selection
    Organ Of Species

  50. Halves
    Jon Mueller

  51. Pathway To Celestial Towers
    Yellow Crystal Star

  52. Relinquished Sparks
    The North Sea

  53. Shoulder Movements

  54. Shadows Of Shipwrecks In Napkins On Shore
    Dense Reduction

  55. Cornerstone Mill
    Dense Reduction

  56. Hobbes Diamond
    Dense Reduction

  57. Conflicts And Interrelationships
    Evan Lindorff-Ellery

  58. Dense Reduction
    Dense Reduction


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Notice Recordings started in Chicago in 2009. We are now based in Kingston, NY, and Columbia, MO. We release experimental and contemporary sound works. Notice Recordings is run by Evan Lindorff-Ellery (NY) and Travis Bird (MO).
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